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I qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 2014, after training at the amazing Whitespace Yoga Studio in Milton Keynes. Yoga has always been my passion and favourite hobby - ever since Ginger Spice inspired me with her Yoga DVD back in the 90s (thank you, Geri)!

After my initial yoga teacher training, I always felt drawn to teach pregnancy yoga, being fascinated by what the female body is capable of during pregnancy and child birth, so I went on to specialise and qualify in pregnancy yoga in 2016. Shortly after qualifying, I was over-the-moon to find out that I was expecting! I continued to teach pregnancy yoga until I was 6 months pregnant, and it was wonderful being on the same journey as my students. I found pregnancy yoga so beneficial during my pregnancy because it created a special time for me to relax, connect with my baby and prepare my body for childbirth. 

My little boy, Freddie, was born in July 2018 and during my maternity leave I felt really inspired to train as a baby massage and baby yoga teacher because I want to continue to support the mums who come to my pregnancy yoga classes once their babies arrive. I had experienced first hand the amazing benefits of baby massage and baby yoga from practising with Freddie, and want to share the benefits with other parents. I also loved attending these classes with Freddie, as being someone who likes some structure and routine, the classes helped to shape my weeks on maternity leave and I loved getting out the house to meet other mums and babies. I have made some friends for life from these classes and I’m a big believer that a support network of other parents is very important - I couldn’t have survived this year without my great friends going through the same experiences. I hope to create a sense of support, friendship and community in my classes

Ruth x

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