Baby massage

Baby massage

Positive touch through baby massage is instinctive between parent and baby, and helps to nurture positive attachment, bonding and closeness. As well as learning baby massage techniques to help settle and soothe baby, I truly believe in supporting mums in the "4th trimester" (physically and emotionally). I am fully qualified in postnatal yoga and we will practise gentle and safe yoga based movements, whilst simultaneously engaging in songs, rhymes and massage with baby. These movements will help to ease symptoms from the physical effects of feeding and holding baby, improve pelvic floor tone, gently knit back together the abs and bring balance and alignment back in to the spine and body. We will also explore simple breath work and relaxation techniques. 

These classes are suitable from 6 weeks postpartum (after your postnatal check-up with your GP).

  • ​learn a repertoire of calming and soothing techniques, which will become a tool kit for you to use anywhere, anytime that your baby needs them

  • gentle movement and singing help to release endorphins and boost mood in parent and baby

  • learn simple yet powerful breathing techniques to help to cope with the stresses and fatigue of early parenthood

  • meet other people going through the same life-changing experience - becoming a parent is often the start of life-long friendships. 

Group classes

Please message me for details of my next group class start date. 

Private bookings

Get in touch for a private 1-2-1 in the comfort of your own home, or with a small group of friends.

Mother and Baby


Skin-to-skin, eye contact and the closeness required during baby massage releases oxytocin in both parent and baby, inducing feelings of love towards one another


Positive touch through baby massage supports the process of myelination, which is fundamental to baby's brain development.


Massage has a calming effect on the nervous system which helps to promote sleep (so precious in those early days!)


Massage helps to break down wind bubbles in baby's tummy providing relief from wind and colic and helps to improve their digestion