Baby yoga

Baby yoga

Baby yoga combines soft stretching inspired by traditional yoga poses to help support the development of babies and to aid relaxation and bonding. Parents can expect to learn baby yoga stretches, baby holds and swings, baby massage strokes, and relaxation exercises to practise with their baby. I am fully qualified in postnatal yoga and we will practise gentle and safe yoga based movements, whilst simultaneously engaging in songs, rhymes and yoga with baby. These movements will help to ease symptoms from the physical effects of feeding and holding baby, improve pelvic floor tone, gently knit back together the abs and bring balance and alignment back in to the spine and body. We will also explore simple breath work and relaxation techniques. 

These classes are suitable from 12 weeks postpartum (after your postnatal check-up with your GP). It is recommended to start with baby massage and then move onto baby yoga once baby has better head control and is more alert (when they are around 4-5 months old, up till pre-crawling).

Benefits for parent:

  • help to create a time away from everyday distractions (phones, TVs, house chores) to have fun and bond with your baby

  • meet other parents

  • relax and have fun

  • boost mood through movement and touch, which help to release feel-good hormones in both parent and baby

  • gently regain core strength and pelvic floor tone after birth 

Benefits for baby:

  • development of vestibular system (their sense of balance)

  • development of proprioceptive system (their bodily awareness

  • development of muscle and bone strength through movement

  • great opportunities for tummy time to strengthen back muscles

  • development of coordination and sensory integration through stimulation and movement

  • development of language and listening skills through songs, rhyme and communication with parent

  • support digestive system through movement and help relieve wind pain

  • can help to settle baby and improve sleep

  • enjoy close physical contact with parent to soothe, relax and bond

Group classes

Please get in touch with me for next course start dates. 

Private bookings

Get in touch for a private 1-2-1 in the comfort of your own home, or with a small group of friends.

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