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Postnatal yoga

Postnatal Yoga 

Postnatal yoga is suitable for complete beginners, as well as those with a regular yoga practise. It is safe and gentle on your body as you recover and regain strength after birth. You can start anytime after you have been signed off to exercise by your GP at your postnatal check up. 


  • time for you - so important to make regular time for yourself as you transition into this new stage in your life

  • calm your body and mind

  • help to reduce fatigue

  • improve your energy and boost your mood 

  • improve sleep

  • reduce tensions associated with holding and feeding your baby - e.g. back pain

  • regain core and pelvic floor strength

  • equip yourself with simple yet powerful breathing techniques  to help cope with stress

  • gently heal and recover after giving birth

  • feel confident in your body

  • reclaim your body as your own

  • reduce swelling and water retention through gentle movement

  • meet other women going through the same stage in life - becoming a mum is often the start of life-long friendships 

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