My 3 favourite, free, quick and easy prenatal Workouts on YouTube

Working out in pregnancy is so important for you and your baby. It boosts your mood and helps to clear that "brain fog" which we can experience during pregnancy. It helps you to stay fit and strong which can lead to a smoother labour and help to speed up your postnatal recovery.

Finding the motivation

It can be hard to motivate yourself, but I have found these short & sweet workouts easy to continue doing throughout my pregnancy as they are each between 10 - 25 minutes in length so I can pick and choose depending on how I've been feeling that day/ how much time I have. Sometimes I find it easiest to get started by tricking myself that I will just do one, and then I get in the mood and do 2 or even all 3 of the videos (on rarer occasions!) They are all fairly cheesy and lighthearted, which has also helped with my motivation! They are low impact and very safe during all 3 trimesters.

25 minute prenatal full body workout - no equipment needed

This is a 25 minute full body workout which requires no equipment so just grab your trainers, some water and go!

10 minute arm and upper back strengthening

The second workout focuses on upper back and arm strength. It is so important for us to strengthen our backs during pregnancy and this is particularly beneficial if you plan to breastfeed when your baby arrives. During pregnancy we carry so much weight to the front so encouraging the shoulders to roll back and keep strong through the back is key. This will help with pregnancy related back pain. For breastfeeding mothers, a strain can be felt on the upper back as feeding can again encourage shoulders to round forwards, so starting to strengthen your upper back now is great. I love this 10 minute workout - you just need an exercise ball and some light dumbbells (I use 2KG in each hand) - if you don't have any though pick up two water bottles/ tins of beans and these will work too!

10 minute full body workout

My 3rd recommendation is a full body workout in just 10 minutes with very limited equipment (just some dumbbells). This one has some great back and core strengthening tips - many women are worried about how to maintain core strength during pregnancy and what they should/ shouldn't do. This video shows you some really safe techniques.

So please enjoy and I hope they help to boost your mood and make you feel strong and healthy during your pregnancy xxx

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