Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy Yoga 

Pregnancy yoga is suitable for complete beginners, as well as those with a regular yoga practise. It is safe and gentle on you and your baby. You can start anytime from the 14th week of your pregnancy, and it is suitable to continue right up to birth. 


  • time to relax - when you relax, so does your baby

  • connect and bond with your baby 

  • take time out to embrace this precious time in your life

  • improve your energy and boost your mood

  • improve sleep

  • reduce pregnancy discomfort, such as back ache

  • strengthens birthing muscles

  • equip yourself with simple yet powerful breathing techniques  to empower you during child birth

  • learn active birthing positions 

  • feel confident about child birth

  • boost circulation

  • reduce swelling and water retention through gentle movement

  • meet other women going through the same life-changing experience - becoming a mum is often the start of life-long friendships 

I teach an online class on Zoom every Monday at 8pm. A 5-week course costs £35 and each session is recorded so if you ever miss a week I can email you the recording the next day. Please get in touch to book.